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Acupuncture for Allergies


We hear it in our clinic every day: “I always get allergies this time of year.”  But did you know that allergies are not an inevitability?  Allergies happen because your eager immune system overreacts to an otherwise benign substance, such as certain foods, chemicals, or plant matter like pollen, mold, or grass. 


Forceful sneezes, gushing snot, watery eyes, and even diarrhea are all the body’s way of trying to expel this allergen as quickly as possible.   Typically, people turn to antihistamines to mask the symptoms.  These drugs can be very effective, but most people find that antihistamines make them too sleepy and too foggy-headed to function well.  Acupuncture and herbs have been shown in peer-reviewed studies to lessen allergy symptoms and reduce the need for antihistamines (Brinkhaus, 2013).  Acupuncture works on the root cause of allergies by calming  the overactive immune system and training the body to have an appropriate response.


Herbal formulas, customized in-house for your specific allergic response, further balance the body at its core while quickly alleviating allergy symptoms as they appear—without making you a zombie!

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