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You really can feel better today!


We'll admit it: most Americans come to acupuncture as a last resort.  Lake Highlands Acupuncture is no different.  Many of our clients have had numerous surgeries or have tried an entire pharmacy of medications with little success.  Many are pregnant or are parents who want their families to utilize gentle, natural treatments whenever possible.  


Not too long ago in China, people regularly visited their acupuncturists when they were well as a way of preventing illness.  Our world is different.  While we wish more people visited us for health maintenance, we understand the lives of busy Americans today.  So, whether you are seeking our care for a long-term health issue or are looking to prevent future illnesses, Lake Highlands Acupuncture can help you find the relief or overall wellness improvement you need. 


Access the dropdown menu for more information about your specific needs or condition.  This list does not cover every disorder we treat; rather, it features some of the most common conditions we see.  If you have questions about whether we can assist you, please contact us or schedule a FREE, no-pressure 30-minute consultation with our Dallas acupuncturist.  He will review your health history and explain how acupuncture and herbs can get you back on track.



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