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Acupuncture for Headaches


Modern research shows that acupuncture is very effective for the treatment of tension type headaches, as well as migraines. However, most headache sufferers believe that headaches or migraines are just a permanent way of life for them.  We often hear, "Oh, I get them all the time.  I'm just used to it."  And we're here to say, "Don't suffer!"  We have seen people who have had debilitating migraines and cluster headaches for years drastically reduce the frequency and severity in just a few treatments.  Some people never experience a headache again.  


Based upon several factors, including location of the headache, quality, duration, and accompanying symptoms, we can determine the root cause of your headaches. Most of the time, improvement in a current headache can be seen in just one treatment. Still, for ongoing and recurrent headaches, several treatments may be required to achieve maximum efficacy.


Chinese herbal medicine is a tremendous resource for relieving the symptoms of headache and preventing their return. Chinese herbal formulas are combined in a way to achieve maximum results with minimal side effects. Both herbs and acupuncture have over a thousand years of case histories to draw from and overall histories going back several thousand years.


Also, since acupuncturists are trained in nutrition, we can give you personalized diet and lifestyle tips that you can use at home. We want to teach you to manage your health with the common sense of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  You can experience life without the suffering!

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